The modern software market for the company is astonishingly diverse. However, choosing really reliable software can be not so easy. Among the options on the market, Boardvantage occupies a special place thanks to its excellent technical parameters of work. Nevertheless, there are still companies that do not know what is Boardvantage. We propose to eliminate this shortcoming and learn more about what this software is and what benefits its use can bring to users.

What kind of companies are suitable for Boardvantage virtual portal?

The developers of the Boardvantage virtual platform position their development as a universal product for companies with different business profiles. The platform is based on a virtual platform with many useful options for creating work plans, reporting, communicating with clients and business partners, and much more. However, Boardvantage is a bit more than just a user-friendly virtual board – it is a whole complex for organizing work in the company at different corporate levels.

The virtual platform can be used by:

  1. Management structures. The platform provides quite a few useful tools that can be used to organize, conduct and collect board meetings. They can be used to facilitate the process of collecting the necessary documents, keep minutes of meetings and conduct automatic counting of votes.
  2. Mid-level executives. The Boardvantage virtual platform can be used by executives in smaller corporate structures, such as departments or stand-alone units. The platform’s tools can be used to track performance, create work plans, or report on results. And managers can get the data automatically in easy-to-read graphs, tables or charts.
  3. Secretaries and administrators. Secretaries and administrators can use the board to draw up general company work plans or reports. Virtual platform options can be configured for making and collecting work plans for the company as a whole, as well as for individual corporate levels, creating public announcements and notices, creating agendas, and more.

Boardvantage functionality can be customized to meet the needs of each individual company, making it one of the best business tools on the market today.

Why do companies need Boardvantage meetx?

One of the undisputed benefits of Boardvantage is the wide range of options for online meetings and board meetings. With a virtual platform, board members can stay connected at all times, in all company environments. In addition, platform tools can be used for the following purposes:

  • Gathering the necessary documents for the meeting;
  • Creating the agenda and planning the work of the meeting;
  • Maintaining meeting minutes and automatically counting votes on items considered;
  • Using different user devices to participate in meetings as needed.

With Boardvantage meetx, board members can actively participate not only in the meeting process itself but also in meeting preparation. In doing so, online meeting tools provide the ability to participate regardless of location and take an active part in the life of the company. Virtual platform tools can also be used to support communication with business partners, regulatory agencies, or customers – all you have to do is provide access to the platform.